Oke Oakley and Secrets. Inc.

Created by Frederick C. Davis (pseudonyms include Clark Aiken, Garry Grant & Stephen Ransome; 1902-77)

Just in case anyone thought Joe Gores was the first to relate the adventures of a large, fictional detective agency with his justifiably acclaimed DKA series, they ought to check out pulpster Frederick C. Davis' tales of OKE OAKLEY and the Hollywood P.I. firm SECRETS, INC.

Led by Clay "Oke" Oakley and ably assisted by ops Cherry Morris and Archibald Brixey, Secrets specialized in some of the weirdest and most ingenious crimes the pulps -- or at least Dime Detective -- had to offer.

But then, the author already had a knack for memorable series. He also created the Moon Man, an elaborately costumed crime fighter whose father was the chief of police, for Ten Detective Aces, and sweet, grandmotherly lovelorn columnist Lora Lorne, who was actually two-fisted, cigar-chomping Bill Brent for Dime Detective.


  • "Blood on the Block" (December 15, 1933, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "Skeleton Without Arms" (February 1, 1934, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "The Silver Doom" (April 15, 1934, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "Death Lights the Candle" (June 15, 1934, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "Death on Delivery" (September 1, 1934, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "Tracks of the Turtle" (January 15, 1935, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "Blood from the Parrot" (February 15, 1935, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "The Green Ghoul" (June 15, 1935, Dime Detective Magazine)
  • "Doorway to Doom" (July 1, 1935, Dime Detective Magazine)


  • The Complete Adventures of Oke Oakley & Secrets, Inc. (2012)...Buy this book

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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