Leo Falloon

Created by Brent Butt

"Whoa! Where are all the guns coming from? This is Canada!"

Canadian actor/comedian Brent Butt writes and stars in No Clue, a 2014 comedy in which mild-mannered, middle-aged Vancouver novelty salesman LEO FALLOON, with offices on Pender, is mistaken for a private eye by Kyra, a "stone cold gorgeous dush of smoking red hot fox meat" who wants to hire him to find her missing brother.

Leo doesn't put her straight, figuring it's the only way someone that will gorgeous will spend time with him, and the usual hijinks ensue. And, surprise, surprise, Kyra isn't quite who she says she is either.

Sure, it sounds like a rewrite of Bob Hope's My Favorite Brunette, but give Butt a shot. His low-key blend of comedy and folksy, self-deprecating wit (imagine Woody Allen as a boy from the Canadian prairies) goes down easy, and his over-boiled attempts at snappy patter are satisfyingly ridiculous. And there's even an actual mystery of sorts to be solved -- although of course Leo gets it wrong.


  • "Ow! You're pinching the fatty part of my arm!"

  • "...a smouldering tower of nuclear hotitude."

--Leo describes Kyra to his friend

  • "...skin as smooth as a hard-boiled egg."


  • NO CLUE..Buy the DVD..Watch it now!
    (2014, Sparrow Media)
    Written by Brent Butt
    Directed by Carl Bessai
    Starring Brent Butt as LEO FALLOON
    with Amy Smart as Kyra
    Also starring David Koechner, David Cubittm, Dan Payne, Kirsten Prou, Dustin Milligan, Garwin Sanford, Leanne Lapp, Jamie Hutchinson, Kendra Anderson

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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