Nick Frost
Created by R.J. Robertson and Jim Wynorski

Howard (WKRP) Hesseman is irascible, impulsive, rough-edged private eye NICK FROST, hired by a wealthy woman to track down her foster daughter Heather (Jennifer Love Hewitt, fourteen at the time) who's run off to find her real mother in this 1993 family comedy, produced for the home video market by Roger Corman.

But Step-Mama's motives may not be totally maternal -- it turns out Heather is worth a huge pile of cash, and the mama doesn't want to lose her meal ticket. So she hatches a convoluted scheme to bump off Heather, by siccing the Feds (represented here by a couple of bumbling FBI agents) after Nick, claiming he's kidnapped Heather.

And that's where the "fun" starts.

Nick and Heather are forced to go on the run, the law hot on their tail, and after a suitable number of humurous events and harrow escapes, Heather is reunited with her biolgocal mom, the evil stepmother gets hers, and everyone hugs each other, just in time for a soft focus, warm and fuzzy Christmas.

Hewitt even keeps her top on in this one. Fun for the whole family.


    (aka "Home for Christmas")
    (1993, New Horizons)
    Screenplay by
    R.J. Robertson, Jim Wynorski

    Directed by Jim Wynorski
    Executive Producer: Roger Corman -
    Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt as Heather
    and Howard Hesseman as
    Also starring Anita Morris, James Avery, Robert Fieldsteel, Steve Landesberg, Rick Dean, Lenny Juliano, Queen Kong, Dale MacAfee;

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith and film editor Chris Baldemor.

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