Nicholas Colt
Created by Jude Hardin

Once upon a time, NICHOLAS COLT was the lead guitarist in a successful rock band and a family man with a wife and a daughter.

Until a plane crash took that all away from him, leaving his family and band members dead and him with a crushed hand that prevents him from ever being a professional musician again. When we first meet him, he's living in a camper trailer, working under the table as a "security consultant" and drinking and brooding a little too much. But he eventually remarries, and evengets a real P.I. license at one point -- only to lose it due to a heroin conviction.

But Colt's not quite the mopey loser he sounds like. He's also one hard-boiled SOB, more than willing to get in someone's face, and more than capable of bestowing a little ass-kicking on deserving bad guys, be they neo-Nazis or even zombies (don't ask), in a series of strong, fast-paced and psychologically complex novels by Jude Hardin.


  • "Pure, batshit crazy awesome."
    --Anthony Neil Smith on Snuff Tag

  • "With Crosscut, Jude Hardin takes the PI novel and psychological suspense to a new, unrestrained level. Fast, fierce, and relentless."
    -- David Morrell

NOVELS (in narrative order)



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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