Morris Brick

Created by Jacob Stone
Pseudonym of Dave Zeltserman

Deranged? Crazed? Malicious? Cruel?

With titles like that, it seems pretty obvious Zeltserman is trying to distance himself from the series of relatively light-hearted stories featuring smug, slick, handsome Boston bachelor and private eye Julius Katz stories that he does for Ellery Queen.

And he's pretty well succeeded.

MORRIS BRICK is a different kind of private eye entirely from Katz. He's a happily married, former LAPD homicide detective who's only recently started his own investigative firm, Morris Brick Investigation (MBI), in Los Angeles, and is certainly no prizewinner in the looks department, sporting big ears, a thick, long nose, spindly legs and a short, compact body."

But he is one dogged, determined SOB, full of tricks up his sleeve, which is a good thing, considering the sickos and perverts -- and their lovingly twisted pecadilloes -- he routinely seems to confront in his investigations.

In other words, this is typically grisly serial killer fare, as made obvious by the colourful nicknames of the nutjobs Morris routinely confronts, such as the Skull Cracker Killer and the Nightmare Man. But take heart, genteel readers: the author promises there will be "little to no profanity" in this series. Phew!

And just to be sure it's not all violence porn, the author has saddled Morris with Parker, an adorable bull terrier, and Natalie, his loving wife of twenty-four or so years.

Jacob Stone is, of course, the pseudonym for Dave Zeltserman, best known, perhaps, for the afore-mentioned Julius Katz series. But his numerous crime and horror novels have been picked by NPR, the Washington Post, American Library Association, Booklist, and WBUR as best novels of the year, and his short mystery fiction has won a Shamus, Derringer and two Ellery Queen Readers Choice awards. He's also the creator of private eye Johnny Lane.


Report respectfully filed by David Nobriga.

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