Mike O'Kelly (aka "Michael the O'Kelly")

Created by Manning O'Brine

MIKE O'KELLY was a freelance British reporter who got around in the early fifties -- his assignmentsd (which somehow always involved intelligence matters) took him to Rome, Majorca, the Indian Ocean, Tangier and the Middle East. Fortunately, as a former operative for the British Secret Service, he's more than up for whatever comes his way.

The series must have been relatively popular in its day -- there was a British B flick filmed in 1956 based on the 1955 novel Passport to Treason, starring American tough guy actor Rod Cameron, long past his prime, as O'Kelly. In the film, O'Kelly is now an American P.I. working in London and investigating a friend's death when he's swept up by a subversive scheme that threatens all of England. It's an obvious stab at American-style noir, but it never quite hits the mark.

Manning O'Brine was an Irish/Italian writer and allegedly a former British secret agent, with bio in one of his later books boasting that "He killed his first Nazi in Heidelberg in 1937 and his last one in Madagascar in 1950." He later wrote TV episodes of The Saint.