Mick Reese

Created by Kate Roman

A Korean war vet turned seedy private eye, MICK REESE is scratching out a none too fragrant living poking through the back alleys and dives of the cesspool of a town that is 1953 Cincinnati. But the night he busts into the Shooting Gallery, a casino owned by brutal local gangster, Richard Marion, all that changes. Sent to retrieve a young woman with a major drug problem, his unplanned "rescue" of Julian, who turns out to be Marion's son, unleashes a chain of events that doesn't bode well for Mick's life expectancy.

Complicating matters is the unexpected sexual attraction our hard-boiled hero is starting to feel for the young underworld prince.

Yep, we're deep into M/M noir here, retro division, and despite a few minor historical clunkers, The Shooting Gallery (2011) should appeal to those who enjoyed Josh Lanyon's similarly themed stories and novellas featuring Nathan Doyle & Matthew Spain and Neil Patrick Rafferty.

Kate Roman is the author of numerous M/M books and stories herself. A native of Northern California, she divides her time between dreaming of beautiful, heartbroken men and the men who love them, and working in IT support.


  • "I love noir, and this is a fun example of it. A little fantastic, a little schmoopy, but for escapism, it's not badly done."

--Jess Farday, speakitsname.com



Notable Gay and Lesbian Eyes

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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