Max Castillo

Created by L.H. Thomson (pseudonym of Jeremy Loome)

Once he believed.

Now he doesn't.

Former priest MAX CASTILLO is the hero of a eries of self-published pulp novels by Canadian author Jeremy Loome, writing under the pen name of L.H. Thomson.

He's left the church and now lives on La Casilda, a houseboat (shades of McGee!) and works as a private eye on the sun-drenched streets of Benidorm, Spain.

Yet, despite his best efforts, somehow his cases often seem to lead him back to the church. Which may explain why he visits his best friend Caridad Paradese's little beachside bar so often to mooch free beer. By the way, Max insists that he and Caridad are not "an item."

Under the same Thomson pseudonym, the prolific author writes another series, featuring a former boxer and ex-con, Liam Quinn, turned insurance investigator; and has written at least one novel featuring Australian gumshoe Brett Harrison, as well as numerous standalones.



Collects the first three novels.


P.I.s Who Lives Afloat...

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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