Max Anderson

Created by Michael DeSanto

"My girlfriend won't talk to me, the police won't listen to me, and the mob is trying to kill me. My life is a mess. Again."

Michael DeSanto hasn't heard of you either.

He wrote, directed, and did the cinematography and some of the music for the low, low budget (allegedly $2,800) almost-straight-to-streaming Max Anderson, Private Eye.

The 2013 indie comedy that revolves around a twenty-something loser from Toledo, Ohio, MAX ANDERSON, who suffers one too many defeats in life (his long-suffering girlfriend Kristin decides to dump him). Inspired by a movie he saw on television, he decides to chuck it all to become a private eye.

Naturally, Max is totally incompetent, and ends up with far more than he bargained for, although he does manage -- despite the bumbling -- to save the day in the end.

Yep, we've seen this plot before, and we'll see it again.

And just in case anyone objects to any done-to-death clichés or stereotypes in the script, it's a paroday, see? We've seen that gambit before, as well.


  • MAX ANDERSON, PRIVATE EYE ..Watch it now
    (2013, Bad Atom)
    86 minutes
    Written and directed by Michael DeSanto
    Starring Charles Wetzel Jr. as MAX ANDERSON
    Also starring Brittney Forster, Heather Bartlett, Joe Morsher, Raymond Sofia

Preliminary report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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