Martin McDonough

Created by Bruce Rubenstein

Hard-drinking, hard-boiled private peeper MARTIN McDONOUGH goes down the surprisingly mean streets of St. Paul way back during Prohibition, when gangsters like Dillinger and Karpis used the for a hideout from the Feds, with the support of the local cops, who hang around a dive called Tin Cups, where you brought your own cup and paid a dime to dip it into the still.

McDonough has appeared in a couple of novels and several short stories so far, mostly in Ellery Queen, but he made his debut in a short story in Twin Cities Noir, a 2006 Akashic anthology.

The author, Bruce Rubenstein, is primarily known for the hundreds of true crime stories he's had published in assorted weeklies and monthly magazines. An anthology of his crime stories, titled Greed Rage and Love Gone Wrong, was published in 2004, and his original short story, Smoke Got In My Eyes, was nominated for the Shamus Award.


  • "Smoke Got in My Eyes" (2006, Twin Cities Noir)
  • "Indian Rose" (June 2009, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine)


  • Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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