Marco Fontana

Created by Joseph R.G. DeMarco

Joseph R.G. DeMarco writes about Philly P.I. MARCO FONTANA, who owns and manages a troupe of gay strippers on the side.

There are currently three installments; Crimes on Latimer: From the Early Cases of Marco Fontana is the latest, and possibly the most interesting. It features six short stories tracing the development of the detective, from his high school days to his first cases as a rookie private eye.



  • "The Kronos Elect" (2012, Crimes on Latimer)
  • "The DaVinci Theft" (2012, Crimes on Latimer)
  • "The G-String Thief" (2012, Crimes on Latimer)
  • "Too Many Boyfriends" (2012, Crimes on Latimer)
  • "Pride is a Drag" (2012, Crimes on Latimer)
  • "A Killing in Leather" (2012, Crimes on Latimer)



Drewey Wayne Gunn looks at the history of the gay P.I.

Gay and Lesbian Eyes

Report respectfully submitted by Josh Lanyon and Kevin Burton Smith.

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