Manny DeWitt

Created by Peter Rabe (pseudonym of Peter Rabinowitsch)

A high-flying fixer of sorts, MANNY DeWITT is actually a lawyer working exclusively for Lobbe Industriel, a global entity owned by an eccentric and occasionally truth-challenged Dutch fat cat, Hans Lobbe. Lobbe's a businessman with a finger in an awful lot of dirty pies all around the world.

That's the set-up that allows Manny to pop up all over the place, whether it's it's Germany to retrieve a Vermeer once stolen by the Nazis, to a newly formed African nation to oversee construction of major road or merry ol' England to bid on this gadget that, oh yeah, could possibly destroy the world.

It's all in good fun, though; a sly send-up of the sixties' spy craze, with plenty of kiss kiss bang bang going on -- much more light-hearted than most of Rabe's work, although the author's often loopy trademark zigs and zags are certainly present.

Rabe was a German-American writer who also used the pen names Marco Malaponte and J. T. MacCargo (which he used for a couple of Mannix novelizations). Rabe was the author of over 30 books, mostly crime fiction, mostly paperbacks for Gold Medal, published between 1955 and 1975. He also wrote a couple of episodes of the old Batman show.


  • Girl in a Big Brass Bed (1965)
  • The Spy Who was Three Foot Tall (1966)
  • Code Name Gadget (1967)


Collects all three novels.

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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