Maggie Sullivan

Created by M. Ruth Myer

Private eye MAGGIE SULLIVAN is ripped right from the pages of the pulps.

It takes a tough dame to go down the mean streets of Depression-era Dayton, Ohio, but Maggie's one broad who can handle it -- she's got a bottle of gin in her desk, a Smith & Wesson .38 under her seat, and a set of gams that just won't quit, prompting one reader to dub her "Sam Spade in a skirt." She's appeared in a string of novels and short stories put out on M. Ruth Myers' own dime.

But there must be something cooking -- the third novel in the series, Don't Dare a Dame (2013) nabbed a Shamus in 2014 for "Best Indie P.I. Novel."

Prior to becoming a novelist the author earned a bachelor of journalism degree from the University of Missouri and worked on daily papers in Michigan and Ohio. Her work has been translated into four languages, optioned for film and condensed for magazine publication. She and her husband live in Ohio. But be forewarned! Rumour has it that Myers plays a wicked anglo concertina.



  • "The Barefoot Stiff" (2014). Kindle it!
  • "A Concrete Garter Belt" (December 2015, digital). Kindle it!


The author's official site.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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