Mackenzie Elizabeth Taylor & Mackenzie

Created by Jennifer L. Hart

Single mom MACKENZIE ELIZABETH TAYLOR and her precocious computer-whiz daughter MAC (short for Mackenzie) finally catch a break when they inherit half of a Boston apartment building from Mackenzie's uncle Albert and his detective agency. They know nothing about being detectives, but naturally they decide to continue the business, instead of selling it off.

Why? Because these girls have pluck! And a copy of Albert's unpublished manuscript, Working Man's Guide to Sleuthing for a Living.

Strictly lightweight, but very earnest. Sorta like if Chandler wrote The Gilmore Girls. Expect hunky neighbours and handsome cops, some witty banner and some soul-to-soul motherr/daughter chats.

If it all sounds a little cute, you should know that Jennifer L. Hart is the author of bestselling Southern Pasta Shop mysteries.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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