Luigi Primo
Created by Letitia Masson

French private eye LUIGI PRIMO (Sergio Castellitto) is hired to track down France Robert (Sandrine Kiberlain), the beautiful runaway bride of a Marseilles nightclub owner in À Vendre, a 1998 French film. Seems she not only took a powder, but also made off with a wad of loot.

The film consists mostly of a series of taped progress reports, as the divorced private detective tries to track down the missing woman by reconstructing her life, interviewing her parents, former boyfriends and past acquanitances in Paris, Grenoble, and Marseilles.

But that's just the plot device -- the real focus of the film is France, a quirky and captivating free spirit who seems to sleep with every man she meets... and then charges him for it. Even Luigi, an Italian who moved to France to marry a French lawyer and is now divorced, finds himself falling under France's spell.


  • À VENDRE...Buy the DVD
    English title: "For Sale")
    (1998, Canal+)
    116 minutes
    Written by
    Letitia Masson
    Directed by Letitia Masson
    Produced by
    Francois Cuel, Francois Marquis
    Starring Sandrine Kiberlain as France Robert
    Sergio Castellitto as LUIGI PRIMO
    Also Starring Jean-François Stéevenin, Aurore Clément, Roschdy Zem, Ahn Duong, Chiara Mastroianni, Mireille Perier. Didier Flamand

Respectfully submitted by film editor Chris Baldemor and Kevin Burton Smith.Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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