Lora Weaver

Created by Katy Leen

Love clouding her vision (hey, it happens!), plucky vegetarian and social worker LORA WEAVER relocates from her beloved New York to her sweetie Adam's hometown of Montreal, and finds out there's more to her new stomping grounds than what the tourist brochures call joie de vivre.

After moving in with Adam, Lora searchers in vain for a job as a social worker, but her lack of French doesn't help. Eventually she manages to land a job at a small detective agency owned by a Laurent and Camille Caron, a brother and sister team, but soon realizes she may have gotten in over her head, what with all the stalkings, shootouts, kidnappings and, of course, romantic complications.

It's all more gauze than grit, and sweet and slightly naive Lora is definitely more Stephanie Plum than Philip Marlowe. In fact, the author herself, a native Montrealer, actually considers her books more "blanc" than "noir," but she manages to capture a quite a bit of the city's quirky charms and off-kilter allure, and fills her first book, The First Faux Pas (2011), with some great characters, notably Camille, the ballbusting fashionista, her brother Laurent, an "ex-cop and hockey hottie," and a sexy houseguest -- a friend of Adam's -- who just won't leave.

According to her bio, Katy Leen grew up on baguettes and chocolate milk in a house full of pets and books, studied English, Women's Studies, and Social Work and put the knowledge to good use working for non-profits with a stint at a community newspaper thrown in along the way. She currently lives with her hubby in a house overlooking a river and is always on the next book in the series.



  • The Nearly Nixed Noël (December 2013)..Kindle it!


Collects the first two novels and the Christmas novella.


The author's official blog, where she's posted an unsettling photo of a completely vegan Thanksgiving dinner, featuring stuffed peppers, sweet potatoes, green beans, stuffing, and tofu.

A listing of Montréal eyes.

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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