Little Jack Horner
Created by Jerome Severs Perry (pseud. of Robert Leslie Bellem; 1902-1968)

"And then, from an open window, a roscoe coughed Ka-Chow!"

JOHN J. "LITTLE JACK" HORNER was another Tinseltown shamus from Robert Leslie Bellem, this time under the pen name of Jerome Severs Perry. He appeared in at least six short stories, all in Hollywood Detective.

And just in case you thought Bellem was slacking off under yet another pen name, he wrote numerous non-Horner stories as Perry as well.


  • "Homicide Plum" (September 1943, Hollywood Detective)
  • The Seer Sees Death" (December 1943, Hollywood Detective)
  • "Murder at Auction" (March 1944, Hollywood Detective)
  • "The Big Fix" (October 1944, Hollywood Detective)
  • "A Corpse Comes Home" (January 1945, Hollywood Detective)
  • "Killery in the Card" (January 1947, Hollywood Detective)



  • "Somewhere a Roscoe" (October15, 1938, The New Yorker; by S.J. Perelman)
    The humourist's affectionate tribute to Bellem and Turner. Required reading.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Portions of the bio and bibliography were published in WordWrights Magazine as "His Typewriter Spat Ka-Chow! Robert Leslie Bellem's Dan Turner," with additional susbsequent bibliographical information generously submitted by Monte Herridge.

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