Kate Roarty

Created by Patricia Filteau

In the near future (give it ten or so years), dog lover, long-distance swimmer and well-respected Ottawa private investigator KATE ROARTY specializes in cybercrime investigations and intellectual property rights, but she's no desk jockey -- she's not afraid to get out there and get her hands dirty, both figuratively and literally.

A former diplomat and the divorced mother of two children, she's got a townhouse in the old Mont Bleu neighbourhood of Canada's capital, and enjoys a a regular evening dip in nearby Meech Lake, a short jaunt across the border in Quebec, when she isn't jetting off somewhere on a case. Such as the UK and the States in her debut, Vantage Point (2016), and to South Africa, the UK (again), Kazakhstan, and France in its sequel, Traces (2017).

The author grew up in northern Canada, and has lived in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North and South America, and has worked in everything from archaeology and small business to trade commissioner and diplomat. She currently lives and writes in Ottawa, Canada, and, like her hero, regularly swims in the Gatineau in Quebec. Heck, I bet she even knows where Bouchette is.



Ontario Eyes

  • Report submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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