Karin Schaeffer
Created by Katia Lief (pseudonyms include Kate Pepper & Katia Spiegelman)

When she left the police force following the murder of her husband and child at the hands of a serial killer, KARIN SCHAEFFER didn't exactly leave the game. Now she's a Brooklyn private eye with some very close ties to the NYPD -- most notably her new husband Seamus "Mac" MacLeary, who's a detective on the force.

And even better news for the scarlet billows crowd? She's still a magnet for serial killers!

Writing as Kate Pepper, the author has scored several international bestsellers, including Seven Minutes to Noon, One Cold Night, and Here She Lies, and as Katia Spiegelman she has written literary novels, but she's been busy lately consolifdating all her work under one name.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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