Josephine "Joe" Flannigan

Created by Sara Gran

Reformed heroin junkie JOSEPHINE "JOE" FLANNIGAN (clean for two years!) is offered a thousand bucks in cash to find a wealthy suburban couple's runaway daughter -- which sure beats shoplifting jewelery from department stores for a living -- in Sara Gran's acclaimed 2006 standalone novel Dope.

But her hunt for the slumming socialite brings Joe face to face with her own past in the seedy, nasty demi-monde of hustlers, addicts, scam artists, petty thieves and hookers of 1950s New York City she thought she'd escaped.

It's a heartbreaker, all right; dark and disturbing and about a zillion miles away from an "easy read" -- a brutal, unflinching tour of a world about as pleasant as a junkie's scabs.

It may not break new ground, but just try to put it down...


  • "...original and compelling... Burroughs meets Hammett in this gritty, at times tragic, noir.

-- Kirkus Reviews

  • "An astonishing novel, one that deserves a place of honor next to Hammett, Thompson and of the meanest, grittiest hard-boiled crime stories of ever written - and the first great noir novel from the mind of a woman."

-- Bruce DeSilva, Associated Press

Editor's Comment: Bruce is wrong about it being the first great noir novel by a woman, but it gives you an idea of what sort of a fuss this book whipped up.


  • In August 2011, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that actress Julianne Moore was considering taking on the role of Joe in HBO's adaptation of Dope, with Todd "Mildred Pierce" Haynes slated to direct and author Sara Gran to write the screenplay.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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