Jonas P. Hollister
Created by Michael P. Spradlin

Now, this one is a mess, a real mish-mash of genres, a jacked-up blend of The Wild Wild West , The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Justin Cronin's 2010 bestseller The Passage.

It's the Old West of the 1880s, and disgraced former Civil War hero and U.S. Cavalry Captain JAMES P. HOLLISTER is nursing his wounds in the federal hoosegow in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

It seems nobody believes that the eleven soldiers under his command were torn apart by a gang blood-drinking monsters. Would you?

Then up pops Allen Pinkerton (yeah, THAT Allen Pinkerton, the original private eye himself) with an order for Jonas' release. Pinkerton thinks the crazy vet's story might not be so crazy after all. In fact, it may tie in with a case he's working on: the slaughter of a group of Colorado miners.

And so Hollister and Pinkerton set off, along with Oliver Winchester, the gun manufacturer, a beautiful babe (of course) and some kooky foreigner called Abraham Van Helsing who's got this wacky ideas about some bloodsucking ghouls he calls "vampires."

Anyway, that's the premise of Blood Riders, a 2012 paperback original, and the first in an intended series. No, it's not really a private eye story, although the inclusion of Pinkerton might interest some fans of this site.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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