Jonah Geller
Created by Howard Shrier

At first glance, Toronto private dick JONAH GELLER seems to have his eyes permanerntly fixed on the States. So far all of his cases have taken him there, as the titles (Buffalo Jump, High Chicago, Boston Cream, et al) are quick to point out.

Wouldn't want to scare off them big fat Yankee dollars, I guess. Wouldn't want to get too "Canadian" on them, after all, suddenly springing a mention of the Friendly Giant or something on them. Hell, they're probably still trying to get their head around the idea that Jonah, good Canadian lad that he is, doesn't pack a Magnum. Or a bazooka...

Still, Geller does seem quite the "world class" gumshoe (the publisher's PR machine has dubbed him "Canada's top private eye), at once familiar to P.I. fans and yet subtly but distinctly Canadian. And Canadians seem to like him too -- he's nabbed back-to-back Arthur Ellis Awards for the first two novels in the series.

Along with his partner, Jenn Raudsepp (she's a babe, of course), the always outward-looking Jonah runs the World Repairs Detective Agency, and they take on suspicious deaths, missing persons, financial shenanigans and the like, occasionally relying on the strong arm help of his suitably dangerous good buddy (and former mob thug) Dante Ryan.

Not that Jonah's a total wuss -- he does have a black belt in martial arts, and if he doesn't carry a gun, well, he doesn't take any guff from anyone either.

And -- par for the course -- he's suitably dogged, determined, wry and dry, and quick with the cracking wise.

Originally, I had wished rather loudly in these pages that he'd stick closer to home. After all, I had it on pretty good authority that Buffalo, Chicago and Boston already had an ample supply of gumshoes, shamuses and the like...

Well, it looks like my prayers may have been answered. Due to events in Boston Cream (2012), it looks like Jonah is persona non grata south of the border, and his next case will unfold in... Montréal.

Colour me happy.

Author Howard Shrier was born and raised in Montreal, where he earned an Honours Degree in Journalism and Creative Writing at Concordia University before beginning his career working the crime beat for the old Montreal Star. Since then he has worked in print, magazine and radio journalism, theatre and television, sketch comedy and improv, and corporate and government communications. He now lives in Toronto (sigh...) with his wife and two sons and is working on the next Geller novel.


  • "A crackling good mystery . . . a compelling portrait of modern secular Jewish life complete with its wisdom, contradictions, and abiding humour. High Chicago is often funny, sometimes violent, and always thoughtful, with a powerful sense of place throughout. Toronto may have just found its Spenser in PI Jonah Geller, and I can't wait for his next case."
    -- Sean Chercover



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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