Johnny Macall
Created by Gerard Fairlie (November 1, 1899 - March 31, 1983)

Gerard Fairlie wrote six books about JOHNNY MACALL, a London private investigator and former police superintendent, in the late fifties and early sixties.

But Johnny was hardly your typical lone wolf P.I. helping him out on his cases were his wife, Moira, his police buddy Detective Superintendent Francis and even, in the gimmicky final book in the series, Please Kill My Cousin (1961), his creator, Gerald Fairlie.

But Fairlie is probably best known for taking over the character of Bulldog Drummond when the original author, his good friend H.C. MacNeile (Sapper) died in 1937. In fact, the character of Bulldog was partially based on Fairlie himself, who had served in the Scots Guards and was an Army boxing champion.

In addition to the Drummond series Fairlie also wrote series books about Victor Caryll and Mr. Malcolm.


  • Winner Take All (1953)
  • No Sleep for Macall (1955)
  • Deadline for Macall (1956)
  • Double the Bluff (1957)
  • Macall Gets Curious (1959)
  • Please Kill My Cousin (1961)

Respectfully submitted by to Dale Stoyer, with additional information from Kevin Burton Smith.

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