Johnny Castle

Created by C.S. Montanye (1892-1948)

Don't believe the title of the only collection to feature his stories -- JOHNNY CASTLE was not a P.I.

Nope, he was a sports writer. But he sure acted like one. And a pretty tough one at that. No matter the sport (horse racing, boxing, even figure skating), his stories always seemed to bring him face to face with... MURDER.

Johnny, the creation of prolific pulpster C.S. Montanye, appeared in over a dozen stories in the pages of Thrilling Detective in the forties, occasionally in the same issues that Dwight and Gail Berke, a husband-and-wife team of crime-solving sports journalists (He wrote the articles, she was the photographer) created by Carl G. Hodges, also appeared.


  • "Murder in Mink" (March 1944, Thrilling Detective)
  • "Slight Touch of Satan" (August 1944, Thrilling Detective)
  • "Publicity for the Corpse" (December 1944, Thrilling Detective)
  • "It Comes Up Murder" (April 1945, Thrilling Detective)
  • "Death of an Opera Star" (June 1945, Thrilling Detective)
  • "Murder... off the Record" (November 1945, Thrilling Detective)
  • "Donít Meddle with Murder" (May 1946, Thrilling Detective)
  • "Make Mine Murder" (February 1947, Thrilling Detective)
  • "This Will Kill You" (October 1947, Thrilling Detective)
  • "Wings for an Angel" (February 1948, Thrilling Detective)
  • "This Murder's on Me" (June 1948, Thrilling Detective)
  • "Crepe for Suzette" (October 1948, Thrilling Detective)
  • "Death in a Guilt Frame" (December 1949, Thrilling Detective)


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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