John Dorn
Created by
Zane Lovitt

Melbourne private eye JOHN DORN makes an auspicious debut in The Midnight Promise (2013), an ambitious story cycle featuring ten interconnected short stories.

We've all seen this before: a down and out private eye, recently divorced, sitting alone in his office, brooding and drinking too much, short on friends and prospects, with nothing but his tattered ideals and crushed dreams to keep him warm.

Possibly his last friend on the planet, a shyster named Demetri, tosses his pal a bone every now and then, just to keep him going. The cases are dogs, of course, but Dorn is all over them, his stubborn determination to do the right thing and see justice -- or at least mercy -- done is all that keeps him afloat, even as he circles the drain.

A lot of private eye novels claim noir status, but this one earns it, through the sheer force of the author's talent. Pass the bottle.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Ray Garraty for shaking the lead.

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