Jennie Redhead

Created by Sally Spencer (pseudonym of Alan Rustage)

Best known for a series featuring DCI Monika Paniatowski, the author strikes out for new territory with smarty-pants private eye JENNIE REDHEAD, proud possessor of a Upper Second degree in English Literature from Oxford University, not to mention six years with the Thames Valley police.

Both of which come in handy in her seventies-set series debut, The Shivering Turn (2017), which has Jennie hired to find a missing girl whom her mother fears has been murdered -- and a cryptic note that quotes an obscure poem from the 17th century.

Not that it's all pompous Anglophile hoity-toitery -- Jennie proves to be the real deal: a savvy smart ass who knows how to handle herself both verbally and physically, and isn't afraid to leave the well-kept and swept sidewalks of Oxford University for the back alleys, dingy pubs and decidedly and sometimes surprisingly mean streets of the town that surrounds it.

A series that bears watching.

Sally Spencer is a pen name of Alan Rustage, first adopted when the author was writing sagas and it was almost obligatory that a woman's name appeared on the cover. He has since written numerous crime novels, featuring DCI Woodend or Woodend's protegé Monika Paniatowski, as well as a series featuring DI Blackstone set in Victorian/Edwardian London, New York and Russia, and another featuring DI Ruiz, set during the Spanish Civil War.


  • "Spencer writes with verve and humor while delivering a satisfying mystery plot."

-- Publishers Weekly on Dry Bones


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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