Jeb Shaw

Created by S.A. Bailey

The author describes himself as a "violence nerd" and a "semi-professional gun nut," and his hero, JEB SHAW, who's appeared in three self-published novels so far, takes it all a few steps further -- there's nothing half-way about him. Not a fucking thing.

He's a full-tilt boogie kinda guy; a seething, red-meat eating, guns a-blazing Iraq vet with a severe case of paranoia (and apparent PSTD), back home in East Texas (and later, reluctantly, Dallas) and not exactly fitting in. He's prone to violence and is just biding his time until the United States erupts in a bloody Civil War he knows (or perhaps prays) is imminent.

In the mean time, he works as hired muscle if he has to, or a bodyguard if he's lucky, and he's skirting the edges of becoming an actual P.I., which is good enough for me.

As he puts it, "At the beginning of the end of the American empire, at the edge of what was and what will be, he knows in the end all a man has, all he has any control over, is his word and his work."

In other words, he makes that cissy Jack Reacher look like a picture of mental health.

The author is a (very serious) blogger and writer, a former paratrooper and a veteran of the U.S. Army, having served in Iraq with E Co. 51st Infantry, Long Range Surveillance. He likes good food, strong drink, dogs, and not much else. He tags himself "philosophically a rational, individual anarchist, and politically a libertarian jingoist."


  • "If you like gunplay, enhanced interrogation techniques, strippers, drugs, and righteous indignation then this book is definitely for you."

-- st33ve0



Zen the Fuck Up! Carry a Gun!

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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