J.D. Fiorella
Created by
Dan Fante

"Sometimes I think that if everyone was dead around me I might be able to hear what my own mind is screaming."
-- opening lines to
Point Doom

His entire career as a P.I in New York was pretty much a bust (too many botched jobs and too many bad choices), so J.D. FIORELLA tucked his tail between his legs and fled to Los Angeles, where he crawled into the bottle.

Eventually he crawled out, cleaned himself up, got a new girlfriend, a new job and even a place to stay (in Malibu, no less). But when a friend is murdered, the newly sober used car salesman can't turn away, even if it means his new life is at risk in the moody, noir-tinged Point Doom (2013).

Dan Fante is the author of the memoir Fante, the novels 86'd, Chump Change, Mooch, and Spitting Off Tall Buildings, as well as several books of poetry and short stories. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and son, and is the son of novelist John Fante.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks, Craig.

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