James Maxfield Mallory
Created by Richard C. Smith (1951 --)

JAMES MAXFIELD MALLORY is a former Harvard Law student who is now a PI in Boston. He tells his client that he dropped out because he was interested in justice and "they weren't teaching that."

In his first appearance, A Secret Singing (1988), he's hired by a society matron to investigate the inappropriately young Susan engaged to her stepfather. As soon as Mallory locates them the old man drops dead, right in the middle of the country club, from a glass of cyanide tainted scotch. Mallory then falls for Susan, before learning that she wasnt just engaged to the old man -- she was secretly married to him.

Stir that around for a while and add a reasonable, if uninspired, ending and it pretty much sums up this debut effort. But there was a sequel, 1990's Wild Justice, which upped the action a tad, and had Mallory bouncing back and forth from Boston to Maine where, coincidentally the author, a graduate of Dartmouth College and Boston University Law School, was a practicing attorney.



Respectfully submitted by to Dale Stoyer.

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