Jake & Annie Lincoln

Created by Rayven T. Hill

"Jake dragged another piece of piping hot apple pie onto his plate. His wife was the best cook he'd ever known."

-- Jake is introduced in the series debut, Blood and Justice (2013)

JAKE and ANNIE LINCOLN are a married couple of private detectives (with children) who ply their trade in Richmond Hill, a suburb just north of Toronto.

The books aren't exactly hard-boiled, leaning more towards the cozier, more suburban side of the genre, despite the sometimes gruesome violence they encounter. Which makes the domesticated smugness all the more disconcerting.

So far the detecting duo (and children) have appeared in three (with more promised) self-published, Kindle-only books by Markham, Ontario resident Rayven T. Hill. He currently lives with his wife in Toronto.




The author's official web site, where you can discuss Harry and buy assorted merchandise.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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