Jad Bell

Created by Greg Rucka

Read all the Jack Reachers? Gobbled up all the Joe Hunters? Torn through all the Atticus Kodiaks and all the other two-fisted he-men (and women) adventurers that have been so popular lately?

Check out Greg Rucka's latest series character, JAD BELL, an ex-Delta Force operative Jad Bell, who works as -- get this -- "lead undercover security officer" at Wilsonville, the largest theme park in the world.

So when Wilsonville is threatened by a hidden dirty bomb in Jad's debut, Alpha (2012), the former Master Sergeant leaps into action.

And yes, things blow up. But they blow up GOOD.

But that's because Jad's not actually employed by an amusement park. He and his team of former Special Ops guys are actually more along the line of freelance asskickers. In other words, they're not just gloried security guards or mall cops -- they're pros... for hire.

And Rucka's a pro, too. He never skimps on his characters or his plotting -- and displays a sure hand and little fear when he sets down to write, no matter the medium.

In fact, Greg's written quite a few crime-oriented comics, including his acclaimed mini-series, Whiteout, a murder mystery with a female protagonist set in sub-zero Antarctica, and Stumptown (2009), a Portland-set series featuring another of his strong female characters, P.I. Dex Parios. And, of course, he's the man who gave us Atticus Kodiak, a New York-based professional bodyguard.


Report submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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