Jonny Kilmeister

Created by Jamie S. Rich, Brent Schoonover, Jean-Francois Beaulieu, and Crank

"The book was a cross of 1960s pneumatic-tube sci-fi and hardboiled detective fiction. It starred Jonny Kilmeister, a square-jawed man in a trench coat and porkpie, who rushed through dark streets and took pill-shaped elevators up to the top floors of dilapidated high rises. It wasn't a very far-fetched future, it was more built on things that were already there. The architecture looked very much like the way it still looked, it's just the cars hovered above the pavement and stainless steel robots did menial tasks for the humans. As usual, there was a girl, and she was somehow tied in the action. Cops, crooks, and private eyes--they all did what they did for the girl."

-- Bobby Pins and Mary Janes

Integer City is the setting (and the title) of a geeky, retro-futurist sci-fi tale that was serialized in Dark Horse Presents, the monthly comics anthology. It's some kind of place, half-Metropolis (the Fritz Lang version) and half-Gotham City; a mathematically-designed burg full of flying cars, where the numbers never quite add up, and the math puns are as frequent as deceit and murder.

Its hero, JONNY KILMEISTER, is a suitably hard-nosed private eye who's seen better days. He first "appeared" in a fictional comic book mentioned in creator Jamie Rich's online novel, Bobby Pins and Mary Janes.

The first arc, "Power in the Blood," a six-part serial, follows Jonny as he hunts for a mobster's missing daughter, and ends up with him facing off against the members of a nutball cult.

Rich is a Portland author, comic book writer and amateur rodeo clown probably best known for his collaborations with artist Joelle Jones on the graphic novels 12 Reasons Why I Love Her and You Have Killed Me.


    (2012 -- , Dark Horse Comics)
    Various artists and writers

  • "Power in the Blood, Part One" (November 2013, #30)
    Written by Jamie S. Rich
    Art by Brent Schoonover
    Colors by Jean-Francois Beaulieu
    Letters by Crank!
  • "Power in the Blood, Part Two" (December 2013, #31)
  • "Power in the Blood, Part Three" (January 2014, #32)
  • "Power in the Blood, Part Four" (February 2014, #33)
  • "Power in the Blood, Part Five" (March 2014, #34)
  • "Power in the Blood, Part Six" (A[pril 2014, #35)


Some other gumshoes introduced in the comic anthology series.

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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