Created by Igor Vinnichenko

"It was queer suddenly to feel myself no more than a bag stuffed with valuable goods. My talent, my imagination, my relations with others, the accumulation of my life's experience, and my immortal soul were of no commercial value, while my guts, my liver, my kidneys, and other such trash all had a fixed-market price in hard currency!"

Although not a private eye per se, Igor Vinnichenko's cynical and bitter Russian TV writer and producer (who also nappens to be devoutly Orthodox) comes awful close in the highly regarded and certifiably creepy detektiv novel Honeymoon.

What starts as a possible scoop becomes a personal moral crusade when he discovers that the Satanic cult he's been investigating is actually a front for something far more evil: a commercial enterprise rounding up children, the homeless, the mentially ill and other "unwanteds" and harvesting them for body parts.


  • Igra v detectiv (1995)
    Translates as "Playing at Detective". Includes the novel "Honeymoon."


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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