Henry Malone

Created by James D.F. Hannah (pseudonym of Chad Williamson)

"Christmas was coming... Brenda Lee had been rockin' round the Chritmas tree so long store cashiers were on suicide watch."

-- opening to Midnight Lullaby

Another "indie" private eye, former State Trooper HENRY MALONE makes his debut in the e-book-only Midnight Lullaby (2015). He's a cranky kinda guy even on his best days -- the rest of the time he comes off as just a cold, unpleasant S.O.B.

So it's probably a good thing he lives out on the edge of town in Parker County, West Virginia, deep in coal country, content to be left alone, living on cynicism, painkillers and a disabilty pension (for his bum knee).

But wouldn't you know it? Trouble always comes a-calling. And watching the old crab swing into gear was actually more fun than I'd expected.

It may be a tad overwritten, but it's definitely a cut above most of his self-pubbed rivals. Let's keep an eye on this Hannah guy.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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