Frank Rath

Created by Eric Rickstad

When FRANK RATH turned in his detective badge, he figured the backwoods hamlet of Canaan, Vermont, was a good place to forget the past and raise Rachel, his teenage daughter, who's recently started college. Do a little private eye work, keep out of trouble, nurse his bad back, and try to be a good dad.

But it wasn't all Ben and Jerry's, Holsteins and Phish concerts -- it seems the Green Mountain state is a lot creepier and darker than he reckoned.

When a pretty teenager girl disappears, her '89 Monte Carlo abandoned by the side of the road, and the local cops come asking for help, Frank soon discovers the Vermont woods hold secrets more evil than he'd ever dreamed, in his powerful debut, The Silent Girls (2014), which has drawn comparisons to Ian Rankin, Jo Nesbo and John Connolly.

Certainly, the opening prologue is one of the more disturbing ones I've read in a good little while. And Rath has, despitre the odds, ratcheted up the tension with the sequel, Rickstad, Eric, The Names of Dead Girls (2017). Obviously, a serties worth keeping an eye on.

Eric Rickstad's first novel, Reap, was a New York Times Noteworthy Book. His short stories and articles have appeared in many magazines and been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He holds an MFA from the University of Virginia, and currently lives in Vermont with his wife and daughter.


  • "The Silent Girls is Vermont's own True Detective...Three-dimensional characters, a moody rural-noir vibe, and a compulsively readable story make this a stunner of a crime novel!"

-- Steve Ulfelder



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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