Created by Mike Cooper
Psuedonym of
Michael Wiecek

FINN is sort of like the flipside of television's Banacek.

Whereas the smug Boston insurance investigator (played by a pre-A-Team George Peppard) seemed to only handle almost impossible crimes, recovering stolen armored cars and professional football players who disappear from the field during a nationally televised game, Finn works the opposite side of the street. He's a "heavy lifter;" a hands-on professional thief who specializes in stealing only big things. Really big things. Like boxcars and industrial machinery. The bigger the better.

Unfortunately for Finn, his life isn't quite as splendid as Banacek's -- he's done seven years hard time, and he'd rather not repeat that experience.

Fresh out of stir when we meet him in his slam-bang debut, The Downside (2017), he's lined up a caper that ought to set him back on his feet again.
Allo he has to do is tunnel into a underground vault in a heavily guarded rail yard in New Jersey and retrieve a humongous amount of a rare precious metal. Unfortunately, to do that he'll have to use the same team that landed him in prison in the first place.

Mike Cooper is the pen name of Michael Wiecek, a former jack-of-all-trades. He's written a couple of novels about about Silas Cade, a sort of Black Ops accountant who specializes in retrieving "misdirected" funds, and he's nabbed a Shamus Award for his short story "A Death in Ueno," featuring Japanese private investigator Masakazu Sakonju. He's also been nominated for an International Thriller Writers Award for a previous novel (also under another name). He lives in Boston with his wife and two children.

Possibly under his own name.

He says... although that Boston connection makes me think the author as a kid may have watched Banacek cracking all those impossible crimes with the same fascination and awe that I did.


  • "Mike Cooper writes so convincingly about crime I'm amazed there isn't a warrant out for his arrest. The Downside is a propulsive, modern take on the classic heist novel, as meticulously plotted as the crime itself, topped off with an ingenious finale."

--Owen Laukkanen


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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