Fina Ludlow

Created by Ingrid Thoft

Boston private eye FINA LUDLOW is the black sheep daughter of -- and the in-house investigator for -- the powerful Ludlow clan of high-priced shysters, both family and firm lorded over by her father (and boss), Carl Ludlow.

There are a few unneccessary lapses into Evanovich territory in an attempt to make Fina "quirky" in the uneven but extremely promising debut, Loyalty (2013) -- the Pop-Tarts-and-junk-food diet might pass muster, but does she really have to keep her thong on a kitchen sideboard? And is it really necessary for her to go all Mary McGregor on us so soon, being torn between two lovers: hunky masseuse (and sometime muscle) Milloy and equally hunky, exasperated police detective Cristian?

But oh sweet Jesus, when Fina finally hits the streets with Milloy, him doing his best Hawk inpersonation, all is forgiven. Not since Spenser hung up his gumshoes has a private eye ruffled the blue-blooded feathers of Beantown propriety with such gusto. And the fact that some of those feathers belong to her own kin makes it all the better.

Fina's hands-on approach to detective work, her determination to stand on her own, her fiery sense of morality and her easy-going banter with fuck-buddy Milloy -- and the author's own willingness to go dark -- offer a pleasant blend of wit and grit that bodes well for this new series.

One quibble: Fina's got a mouth on her, a unique and captivating voice, but the third person narration does her a disservice. Next time out, let Fna speak for herself...



Some Beantown eyes...

Reespectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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