Faye Quick

Created by Sandra Scoppettone

With all the men in New York off to war, including Woody Mason, the head of a local detective agency, the cleverly titled "A Detective Agency," things are looking pretty grim for his faithful secretary FAYE QUICK. To her dismay, she's been left behind to run the office and to "keep the homefires burning."

She doesn't think she's up to it. As she puts it, "I didn't start out to be a private eye. I thought I was gonna be a secretary... get my boss his java in the morning, take letters, and so on. Hell, I didn't get my degree in steno to put my life on the line. It was true I wanted an interesting job, but that I'd end up a PI myself . . . it never entered my mind."

But that's exactly what happens in This Dame for Hire (2005) when the 26-year old Faye, all five-feet four of her, trips over a body in the street and gets wrapped up in her first murder case.

She does more than okay, cracking the case and cracking wise, and the view of WWII-era New York is finely rendered, so there was a sequel, Too Darn Hot (2006).

Sandra Scoppettone has been bouncing around the mystery genre for years, with several of her early books written under the pseudonym of Jack Early, including one book featuring Fortune Fanelli, a private eye who also has close ties to his neighbourhood. But she's probably best known for creating Lauren Laurano who made her debut in Everything You Have is Mine (1991), arguably the first lesbian private eye novel to be published by a mainstream publisher in hardcover.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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