Errol Black
Created by Simon Swift

A Korean war vet turned seedy private eye, ERROL BLACK is scratching out a none too fragrant living poking through the underworld garbage of 1953 Cincinnati. But the night he busts into the Shooting Gallery, a casino cum criminal hotbed, all that changes. Accidentally rescuing Julian Marion, only son of a notorious crime boss, doesn't bode well for Mick's life expectancy, but Mick hadn't planned on falling for Julian like a ton of bricks. Now they've got to find some way to escape a city on high alert and a madman bent on revenge. But as the book blurb puts it "Every time Mick feels his resolve failing, he just looks in Julian's eyes and keeps on going."

Yep, it's an M/M private eye tale. Deal with it. According to the author's web site, it's a genre the author loves and is proud to write in.


  • "Here is a story that starts with a bang and moves on smoothly with little time for restive contemplation... A wonderful romance that has it all -- excitement, emotion and erotica!"
    -- Alexa Snow, author of Sleeping Stone


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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