Ed Earl Burch

Created by Jim Nesbitt

For those of you not getting enough shitkicking in your literary diet...

Dallas private eye ED EARL BURCH has a bad disposition, a string of bad marriages, a pair of bad knees and a liver that just ain't worth shit, but he's also one tough, smart SOB. He doesn't take any crap from anybody but boy, can he dish it out.

A former vice and homicide dick, he's been battered and burned -- a former hotshot content now to take life as it comes, one day at a time, even if it isn't going anywhere. Long as there's a boutbon at the end of the day.

Definitely recommended for fans of Joe Lansdale and James Crumley, Nesbitt presents a hard world of hurt and regret, full of spit and shit, sweat and blood and jizz, and a private eye trying to live in it -- one who knows he's already doomed.

The author spent over thirty years as a journalist, chasing down neo-Nazis, rodeo cowboys, presidential candidates and other scoundrels, and lived to tell the tale. It shows.


  • "Nesbitt is a natural storyteller with a taste for hard-bitten noir, which he serves up with chicken-fried flair in his debut noir, The Last Second Chance. I'm always on the scout for new writers with a distinctive voice, especially if they can handle a noir tale with a different flair. The Last Second Chance fits my requirements perfectly with a distinctive drawl that elevates it above the pack of wannabes with a noir flavor as tangy as smoky Tex-Mex barbecue. This one has settled high on my list of best newcomers for 2016."

-- Paul Bishop

  • "Nesbitt channel the lyricism of James Crumley, the twisted kick of Jim Thompson, and the cold, dark heart of Mickey Spillane."

-- Jayne Loadeer


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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