Duffy House
Created by Crabbe Evers (pseudonym of William Brashler [1947--] & Reinder Van Til [1945-])

Not really a private eye, perhaps, but when retired Chicago sportswriter and beseball nut DUFFY HOUSE is dispatched by the commissioner Granville Chambliss to look into something suspicious going on, he's off like a shot, usually accompanied by his sexy law student niece "Petey" Biggers.

The two make for a great team -- Unk, as Petey insistes on calling him, is a gruff and crotchety old fart who doesn't suffer fools gladly, and Petey is a pistol, a spunky motormouth who has a way with a wisecrack and plenty of legal savvy, boding well for her future career as a criminal attorney. Which is probably a good thing. The way he gets into things, Unk may just need a lawyer one of these days.

A snappy, fast-paced series, loaded with plenty of banter and wise-assery, some great local colour (especially if you're into baseball stadiums) and of course tons of baseball trivia.

Crabbe Evers is the pseudonymous team of writer William Brashler and free-lance editor Reinder Van Til. BVrashler is probably best known for his baseball novel The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings, but he alsowrote a couple of standalone mysteries set in the Chicago area, City Dogs (1976) and The Chosen Prey (1982) .



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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