Drake Finn

Created by Gregg Taylor

"It was a good face. Tired, I guess. Fortyish, but firm. Some grey around the temples, but nothing that you noticed right away. Good jaw line. Could use a shave, but wasn't likely to get one. A man, taken for all in all. I had only one objection to the face in the mirror. I couldnít remember ever seeing it before in my life."

DRAKE FINN is a private eye who carries on the proud tradition of being knocked for a loop tby an unexpected blow to the head.

Only difference?

When Drake comes to in his severely trashed office, nauseous and disoriented at the beginning of the 2012 novella, Finn's Golem, he hasn't got a clue about what the hell's going on. He apparently has a client he doesn't recall meeting, a partner who may not be on the up and up and an awfukl lot of law enforcement types asking him questions to which he doesn't have any answers.

And he may have committed a murder. Because when he comes to, there's a "nice little GAT double-Z hand cannon" lying nearby. With three charges gone.

Yep, as though the premise isn't enough, the author ups the ante by setting the whole thing in a not-so-far-away but fucked-up, 1984-ish kind of future.

The author, Gregg Abbott, is best known for having created the long-running podcast, Decoder Ring Theatre, which broadcasts the OTR-style audio drama series Black Jack Justice, about a hard-boiled private eye duo, and the Tales of the Red Panda, an adventure series.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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