Dick Henry
Created by p.g. sturges

Got a problem? Don't want to fuss with all those things like paperwork? Or the law?

Then it's time to call the "Shortcut Man."

Hollywood vigilante-for-hire DICK HENRY is no man to trifle with, even if his cases tend to slide into the screwball area.

It's a neat trick, actually, balancing the hard-boiled with the humour, one that few have managed. But Sturges, the son of acclaimed film director Preston (a man who knew a thing or two about screwball himself) seems to have pulled it off.

Fortunately, being the son of Preston Sturges isn't a full-time job. p.g. has also occupied himself as a submarine sailor, a dimensional metrologist, a Christmas tree farmer, an optical metrologist, a musician, a songwriter, an author, a playwright, and a screenwriter.


  • "... a worthy successor to Raymond Chandler"
    -- Michael Connelly


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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