Dave Woolf
Created by
Bernard Bannerman (pseudonym of Andrew Arden, 1948--)

Given disgraced former London solicitor turned private eye DAVE WOOLF's weakness for Camels and booze, you might think there wouldn't be much of a lineup for his services, but you'd be wrong. When you need someone to look into the nasty affairs of members of the legal profession, there's nobody better.

Bernard Bannerman is the pseudonym of Andrew Arden Q.C., an authority on British on housing and local government law, having penned several lbooks on the subjects. He's written several novels under his own name, including The Motive Not The Deed, No Certain Roof, The Object Man and The Programme, as well as the four Dave Woolf thrillers. But, it turns out, there's a fifth book in the series, which the author has never published, entitled Final Act, in which Dave finds himself, according to the author, "on the yacht of a character called Stuart Stone - admittedly and unashamedly based on Robert Maxwell - talking away the last night of Stone's life. Given the financial scandals which have followed those associated with Maxwell, which pale beside more recent events, there is a certain contemporary relevance in the novel, and re-reading it recently I was pleased to note not a little prescience, but that is what it is - a novel, a framework for telling Maxwell's extraordinary story, not a thriller, which is why it remains unpublished. Perhaps one day..."


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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