Dave "Mace" Mason

Created by Dick Lochte

Only you know and I know just how good Dick Lochte can be.

In Blues in the Night (2012), Dick, one of the most reliable writiers in the shamus game, ditches the weatherman (at least for a while) and delivers a first rate new character, ex-con DAVE "MACE" MASON, a tough, take-no-shit-from-nobody ex-con who gets roped into tailing a LA mobster friend's ex-squeeze.

Dick himself dismisses it as the "same old stuff" ("crooked CIA agents, porno filmmakers, a hitman who looks like a giant cowboy Elvis Presley, a pimp who used to dress up like Abraham Lincoln but now prefers being a Michael Richards lookalike, Russian thugs who forget their accents from time to time, a really hot femme fatale, all of them searching for a mysterious coin that [Dave] finds in the mouth of a dead man.").

Yeah, right.

The same old stuff, Dick.


Mace is the real deal, a Louisiana bayou boy far from home who's come to to the West Coast to help Paulie Lacotta, his old Army buddy, but it's his take on all things LA that really seals the deal. He casts a Chandleresque eye on the City of Angels and finds it severely wanting.

* * * * *

To be honest, though, Mace isn't a completely new character. Blues in the Night is an expanded version of "In the City of Angels," a short story first published in the 2001 anthology Flesh and Blood. now that you've fleshed him out a little, might we hope for another outing with Mace, Dick?

Lochte, for those of you who've been off-planet for a while, is the author of a list of several popular crime novels, including Sleeping Dog, which introduced odd couple P.I.s Serendipity Dalquhist & Leo Bloodworth and won the Nero Wolfe Award, was nominated for the Edgar, the Shamus and the Anthony, was named one of the 100 Favorite Mysteries of the Century by the Independent Booksellers Association and has even served a stint as president of the Private Eyes of America. He is the co-author with the Today Show's Al Roker of a series of popular mysteries, and has also co-authored four popular crime novels with attorney Christopher Darden, written screenplays for such actors as Jodie Foster, Martin Sheen and Roger Moore and knows more about detective fiction and obscure crime and detective TV shows and movies than almost anyone on the planet.


  • "Tough, independent Mace is a wild card and one that Lochte should play again."

-- Publishers' Weekly


  • "In the City of Angels" (2001, Flesh and Blood)


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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