Dave Gurney

Created by John Verdon

For someone who is not particularly a locked room or impossible crime fan, Think of a Number (2010), the first in an increasingly popular series featuring DAVE GURNEY, a retired NYC homicide dick, is one hell of an introduction. It's a genre that's easy to make fun of, but very hard to pull off convincably.

But even beyond the sleight-of-hand plotting and the impossible crime gimmick, there's plenty to enjoy in this series, not the least of which is some great regional color (Dave now works as an investigative consultant in the Catskills) and some terrific marital scenes between the introspective Dave and his long-suffering wife Madeleine, as Dave tries to figure out a bizarre string of murders. People are receiving letters in the mail, challenging them to "think of a number." When they do, they open the second part of the letter and discover -- ta-dah! -- that their number has been predicted. But then later, they're murdered.

And you thought spam was bad? Dave has since reappeared in several more books, each featuring some truly bizarre crimes, including one which revolves around a bride found decapitated on her wedding day in a building that no one had access to, and in the upcoming Wolf Lake, four people in different parts of the country all have the same disturbing dream, involving a bloody dagger with a carved wolf's head on the handle. All four are subsequently found with their wrists cut -- apparent suicides.



Locked Room P.I. Mysteries

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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