Danny and Harry

Created by Walter Brogan and Charles Santino

"Danny's a cat. Harry's a seagull. They're private eyes. Proceed."

-- the tagline for this web comic says it all.

DANNY was a lieutenant in the Big One, and for awhile, he pounded the beat as a street cop. But after beating up a corrupt police captain, he was looking for a new line of work.

So he decided to start up a little detective agency with his Army buddy HARRY.

Danny's a bit of a sour puss, a cynical scowl his usual expression, while happy-go-lucky Harry likes to squawk wise now and then. Maybe because he's also a writer. You know how mouthy those types can be.

And, er, as previously pointed out, Danny's a cat and Harry's a seagull. They're decked out in all the expected P.I. trappings and visual cues, including fedoras, cigarettes, a pretty secretary (Kitty) that's easy on the eyes and an office with venetian blinds, all the better for casting noir shadows over everything. Naturally the world is full of anthropomorphic animals: alligator cops, rhinoceros thugs, and foxy femme fatales.

It's also pretty fun; Danny and Harry: Private Detectives strikes the right balance of parody, affection for the genre and true grit, never taking itself too seriously, and not afraid to present itself in a clean, clear style that kicks the story along, making each segment a little treat.

Serialized weekly as a crowd-sourced web comic put out by LINE Webtoons, the comic was created by industry pros Walter Brogan, who's done art for Cracked and Crazy, as well as storyboards for J Walter Thompson and other leading agencies and writer Charles Santino, best known for his comic adaptations of Louis L'Amour and Edgar Rice Burroughs, and original Conan stories for Marvel.


    (2017, LINE Web Toons)
    Weekly, on Tuesdays
    Created by Walter Brogan and Charles Santino
    Written by Charles Santino
    Art by Walter Brogan
  • "The Case of the Missing Trunk" (June 2017 --)


Going to the dogs... and beyond!

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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