Dan Markham

Created by Chris Nickson

"The blooms had gone off too many marriages, it seemed; whole bouquets of them shedding their petals."

-- New Eastgate Swing

It's the nineteen-fifties, and Leeds private enquiry agent DAN MARKHAM is scraping by, barely making the rent on his shabby office, using all the spy tricks he picked up working for British intelligence during World War II to catch... cheating spouses.

At least there are plenty of failed and failing marriages in post-war Leeds to keep him (and later his partner, the former Detective Sergeant Baker, an ex-cop who once tried to arrest Dan for murder) busy, if not exactly in the chips.

The author seems to specialize in historical fiction, in books such as Gods of Gold (set in the Victorian era) and The Constant Lovers (set in the1730s), so the Markham books are definitely a step forward in time. But just in case you think this Nickson cat's lost in the past, he's also a music and entertainment journalist, responsible for biographies on such pop icons as Outkast, Keanu Reeves, Soundgarden, Mariah Carey and Will Smith.


  • "...lovely period detail, and I enjoyed the contrasting lifestyle of the Leeds enquiry agent compared to the standard American private eye. The changing relationship between Markham and Baker, as he slowly gains the latter's trust, is nicely conceived and executed. Markham himself is an engaging character, and lacking in the cynicism of his hard-boiled counterparts"

-- Crime Fiction Lover on Dark Briggate Blues



Private Enquiry Agents and the Like...

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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