Dan Dare

Created by Bill Parker

Not to be confused with the British "pilot of the Future" comic book hero of the same name, DAN DARE was an American private eye comic book hero who made his debut ten years earlier, in a back-up story in WHIZ Comics #2 (February 1940).

Blond, good-looking Dare was your typical comic book dick of the era, hard-boiled enough to get regularly involved in shootouts and brawls with astounding frequency, but not so hard-boiled as to scare away the kiddies. Villains were often drug dealing ethnic and "foreign" types (Seminole Sam, Portugese Pete, etc.)

He was aided/hindered/prodded into his cases by loyal secretary Carol Clews, who often acted more like a partner (abeit one in need of constant rescue) than a secretary.

Dan went on to appear in eleven more issues, always as a back-up story, but his debut appearance in WHIZ Comics #2 (actually the first issue published) was overshadowed by the original appearances of Captain Marvel, Ibis and a slew of other Golden Age heroes in the other stories. Bill Parker, who created Dan, wrote the entire issue, according to comic book legend.


    (1940-, Fawcett)
    Various artists and writers

  • Dan Dare Stories
  • "Seals of Doom" (February 1940, #2)
  • "Five Hundred Thousand Dollars or Else!" (March 1940, #3A)
  • "Gem of Doom" (April 1940, #3B)
  • "Kidnaped Beauty" (May 1940, #4)
  • "The Great Rollo Mystery" (June 1940, #5)
  • "The Great World's Fair Mystery" (July 1940, #6)
  • "Peril in Fort Worth" (August 1940, #7)
  • "Counterfeiter's Conspriracy" (September 1940, #8)
  • "The Radio Racketeers" (October 1940, #9)
  • "The Dawson Kidnapping" (November 1940, #10)
  • "The Pirate Sub of Nantucket" (December 1940, #11)
  • "The Big Shot" (January 1941, #12)
  • "Patriots for Gain" (July 1941, #19)

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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