Crag Banyon

Created by James Mullaney

"Crag Banyon? That jerk's a bum,
and that's the God's honest truth."

Hapless, clueless, booze-soaked, low-rent P.I. CRAG BANYON has a drinking problem, a secretary, Doris, who hates him (mostly), a local police force that hates him (totally) and a generally less than savoury clientele that has him regularly bumping up against elves, demons, Greek gods and the like.

No wonder he drinks...

It's fortunate for readers, then, that he's an amiable enough traveling companion, with a keen, if rather bloodshot eye, for detail and a way with a wisecrack.

Like, "Bars need menus like airplanes need orchestras."

Or a bartender who oozes "more syrup than Mrs. Butterworth with a bellyful of buckshot."

And nobody can wax rhapsodic about hangovers like our man Crag: "My eyes felt like they'd been lightly buffed with fine grain sandpaper then stomped on by Clydesdales."

And "My tongue felt dry and flat enough to return a serve from a Chinese ping-pong champion."

Crag's creator, Jim Mullaney, is the author of over 30 books, some of them with his own name on them (such as the Destroyer books he's co-writing with Warren Murphy), as well as numerous comics, short stories, novellas and opinion pieces.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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